code wrangler
aka amazing software developers

As a software developer for LegacyX you’ll join our Scrum team and help rescue our clients from their legacy software systems. There is always a new challenge - you will assist in reverse engineering a closed systems helping design, develop and deploy a new system for our clients. We are a dynamic team that tackles a wide variety of challenges for our customers.

Skills & Requirements

Currently we’re doing a lot using C#, WPF/MVVM, WCF and nHibernate. We expect that you have been involved in numerous successful projects and that you have mastered whatever technology stack or language you have been using and that when the time comes for us to change technology you will be able to master that as well.

Money and Stuff

  • Salary starting at $60,000 / year and up
  • Group Health Benefits
  • 3+ weeks vacation per year
  • Budget for personal development and training

Why Join the LegacyX Team?

LegacyX is a St. Albert based, software consulting company that specializes in rescuing organizations from their legacy software. We work very closely with our customers in an agile way, to help them overcome challenges caused by their existing legacy systems and construct them new modern solutions to address those challenges. It’s not unusual for us to be reverse engineering existing proprietary systems in an effort to help keep them running while we replace them. Our team uses Scrum to create a highly effective and agile solution to ensure that our customers always get the functionality they need. We have been delivering successful projects since 2009 and are ready to take on new customers and projects.

LegacyX was started by two developers with a shared goal to build an awesome place for developers to work. We offer a relaxed work environment full of perks – DIY lattes, kitchen stocked with drinks/snacks, motorized standup desks by UpDesk, Aeron Chairs, top of the line computers and flexible hours and most importantly - brilliant co-workers.

To apply for this position, please e-mail us at Attach a current resume in Word, PDF, plain text or HTML format. In the body of the e-mail, explain why you would be a great fit for this job. Include your website if you have one.