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LegacyX's team embodies its top software development credentials. Those credentials? Read on:

We include our clients as part of our team. This isn't rhetoric, it's essential. It's your needs we're here to address, your concerns we're here to listen to, your software we're here to improve, your business we're here to empower. And that makes you a key member of our team.

An experienced Certified Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master are key components of our team. LegacyX embraces the Scrum framework, leveraging it to produce the very best results for our clients, and the Scrum Product

We include our clients as part of our team. This isn't rhetoric, it's essential.

Owner and Master is critical in keeping us on task and always focused on the user experience. To that end, we offer a combination of both technical and pragmatic approaches with a background in engineering (M.Sc. electronics – ICT) and direct customer support.

LegacyX has significant experience in integrating with and migrating/replacing legacy systems. And our experience extends to every part of that, from the code and data to the people that code is designed to work for. We have a lot of experience with distressed projects, and feel there are far too many software developers out there taking on projects and money they cannot complete. Because of that, we’re not afraid to say no; if we feel we don’t have the skills to complete your project, we will not take your project, period. LegacyX takes on only what it knows it can handle.

Here are the people who show up because we pay them ;-)

The more we disagree, the more chance there is that at least one of us is right. - unknown

arne joris, practical solution architect
During his career Arne has been involved in most aspects of developing, productizing and supporting software. He started out on the very technical side of I.T. development, writing C software for a machine vision company in 1996. He successfully crossed the technology chasm as a requirements engineer and later product manager for EMC.

Direct contact with customers and end users has made Arne keenly aware of the importance of balance between the business and the I.T. development side of things.

Arne grew up in Europe but now enjoys living close to the Rocky Mountains with his wife and three kids.

If this software development thing doesn't work out - I'm set as a barista!

darrin maidlow, data conversion guru
What any company involved in I.T. development needs are people who, frankly, love the development of software. Very simply, Darrin is a software developer. It’s his passion. He specializes in helping businesses solve problems and save money using custom software.

A self-confessed “nerd,” Darrin has a significant amount of experience with AutoCAD, Mapguide, GIS, databases, spatial, n-tier architecture, nHibernate and more.

In the handful of hours that he’s not glued to his keyboard, Darrin plays guitar. As a teenager, he was a competitive alpine ski racer and he’s still an avid skier.

Darrin is married with three children – and five dogs!

I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords. I would like to remind them that as a user experience designer I can be helpful in enticing humans to spend more time using their software.

byron sedgwick, user experience designer
Byron is a veteran of the software development world whose experience in leading teams has spanned almost all organizational levels. His experience has allowed him to better understand team dynamics in order to bring out the best from those he has been fortunate enough to work with. In his role as Scrum Master Byron continues his journey, learning what it means to lead within a self-organizing team environment.

Aside from his duties as Scrum Master, Byron acts as the guardian of the user. Having a keen passion for designing the perfect user experience for our customers, Byron fights the good fight to keep computers and their software subservient to their users and not the other way around.

As a new father Byron has embarked on maybe his most challenging endeavor so far, trying, along with his wife, to lead his family when his daughters have decided that’s what they're there to do.

Can this wait a minute? I'm in the middle of some calibrations.

joe friesenhan, practical solution architect
Joe architects the solutions that bring about customer happiness. On a typical day at the office, he might be uncovering customer needs, forming the building blocks for a software or web solution, or diving deep into a technical challenge.

Joe set his career path at the age of twelve when he discovered he could write software on a Tandy Color Computer 3. Since then, Joe has established himself as a seasoned architect, designing solutions for software projects of all sizes and leading the development efforts.

When he’s not in the office, Joe plays more than his share of video games, especially now that his kids are old enough to throw down in Mario Kart 8. He sometimes comes up for air to bike around town or escape to Jasper National Park with his wife and two kids.

One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple. - Jack Kerouac

emily collins, wordsmith
Emily creates the user guides and help files that go hand-in-hand with our software. She's a pro at translating technical information into simpler language to help our customers become the savviest of users.

Emily is an Ontario native who earned degrees in English and Journalism before moving west to Edmonton. She has lived here for nearly a decade and has been tech writing almost as long.

When she isn't zapping comma splices, Emily can be found enjoying a good book, a good meal, or the great outdoors.

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.
- Leonardo da Vinci

dustin jensen, code wrangler
While working as an electrician, Dustin desired to move into computer science and programming. He did exactly that, earning his Bachelor's of Computing Science from King's University College in Edmonton. His degree and background in making sure things work well behind the scenes, both as an electrician and a coder, caught our eye. So we brought him aboard!

The ability to create something out of nothing is why Dustin enjoys coding, and he hopes to one day use that knowledge to make his own indie game. Until then, on his off hours, he's a gaming aficionado, no doubt learning all he can about the craft from every new game he plays.

Dustin loves rock and roll! He learned to play guitar after high school, and loves to jam along his favorite bands, including Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC.

You get what you get and you don’t get upset… Well, it works for my kids.

amy mcdaniel, financial enforcer
Amy is our number cruncher who makes sure our books are in order and that we’ve dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s.

Amy’s most recent employment prior to LegacyX was to raise her three wonderful children. She’s now working on an accounting designation and venturing back into the workforce as LegacyX’s Financial Enforcer.

Amy’s equally happy planting flowers in her garden, baking sweets, or waterskiing behind a nice wake when she’s with her family at the lake.

Oh, I’m gonna miss the whole summer. - Bart Simpson

Don’t worry, boy, when you get a job, like me, you’ll miss every summer. - Homer Simpson

david riediger, code wrangler
As one of LegacyX's software developers, David writes code, tests software, brings elements of the user experience to life, and ensures our clients' software looks, feels, and works amazing. David is interested in the way humans and computers interact, and brings that curiosity to his work.

David is positioning himself to become a jack of all trades, touching all aspects of the software and daring to approach old problems from new angles. He is a recent Computer Science graduate who brings youthful exuberance and a fresh perspective to the team.

David enjoys spending his free time running, baking, and in the company of his friends.

What I lack in experience I make up for in inexperience.

alex ruffell, code wrangler
Starting as an intern who just refused to leave, Alex has, through his time with us, developed an affinity for user interface and system logic. Now one of LegacyX's valuable software developers, Alex writes code, tests software, brings elements of the user experience to life, and ensures our clients' software looks, feels, and works amazing.

Outside of work, when not engaging in his favorite hobby (sleep), he spends his spare time between graphic design, fitness, and gaming.

Matthew, I really need your quote for the website.
- Byron Sedgwick

matthew dekinder, operational support wizard
Matthew provides frontline technical support here at LegacyX. When support requests come in, Matthew’s at the ready to answer the customer’s call. This might mean working with the customer to resolve technical problems, applying data fixes to the software, or developing support tools for system administrators. Matthew plays the important role of ensuring our customer’s software runs smoothly from one day to the next.

Matthew is a fourth year Computer Science student at the U of A who has joined us for his co-op term. In addition to providing operational support, Matthew looks forward to the experience he’ll gain writing code for LegacyX software.

Matthew enjoys brewing (and tasting!) beer and playing board games with friends.

Nothing in this life worth achieving is easy, nor is it impossible.
- James May

ismail mare, operational support wizard
You'll find Ismail deep in the trenches providing frontline support at LegacyX. He's quick to provide assistance and technical knowledge to all who require it, with new challenges coming his way everyday.

Ismail is the latest U of A Computer Science student to take up a internship with us here at LegacyX. He’s gaining valuable experience providing technical support to our customers and working alongside seasoned developers to help develop our software.

When not at LegacyX, Ismail can be found at his second home... the gym.

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LegacyX was founded by two developers that had a common goal: build an awesome place for developers to work, one filled with great people and great perks. We want LegacyX to be both a productive and relaxed work environment, where hard work is made as rewarding as possible. Our perks include DIY lattes, a kitchen full of drinks and snacks (and we'll bring in your favorites), motorized standup desks so you can work standing or sitting, Aeron chairs, high end computers, and flexible hours.

LegacyX offers a lot and looks for the best people to take advantage of it. We work as a team, leveraging the Scrum process to divide software development into manageable chunks. As a team, we cover each other's backs, ensuring that we all meet our goals. If you're a driven team player who enjoys a challenging and rewarding career, we want to hear from you.

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Is your specialty not listed? E-mail us at apply@legacyx.ca and let us know why you’d be the perfect addition to our team.